New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus Collector’s Edition Puzzle Piece Locations

New Yankee is back with a time-tripping adventure! Join the world’s best-traveled couple on a their quest to return home! Face dangerous creatures of legend, mind-bending challenges and the hero’s own insatiable appetite as you complete fun time management levels! Enjoy the magic of interactive storytelling while you join John and Mary on their most astonishing journey yet!

  • A captivating, time-tripping story
  • Hidden achievements
  • A captivating, time-tripping story
  • Hidden achievements
  • A learn-as-you-play tutorial

The Collector’s Edition includes a bonus chapter with 15 levels, 42 hidden achievements, a step-by-step strategy guide, an epic downloadable soundtrack, four dazzling desktop wallpapers, a secret puzzle to assemble, and fun backstories for each character!

Game System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 2048 MB
  • DirectX: 11.0Hard Drive: 350 MB

Level 2

Level 4

Level 7

Level 9

Level 12

Level 15

Level 17

Level 18

Level 20

Level 22

It’s there, however I clicked on it before I took the screenshot

Level 24

Level 26

Level 27

Level 29

Level 31

Level 33

Level 35

Level 36

Level 38

Level 41

Level 43

Level 46

Level 47

Level 49

Level 1 (Collectors Edition)

Level 2 (Collectors Edition)

Level 4 (Collectors Edition)

Level 6 (Collectors Edition)

Level 9 (Collectors Edition)

Level 11 (Collectors Edition)

Level 12 (Collectors Edition)

Level 14 (Collectors Edition)

Full Puzzle

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