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    Started in 2010, Fantasy Driver Software is a sole-proprietorship making its way to incorporation. A brainchild created by Ben Guyton, with the help of his wife and friends, Fantasy Driver Software’s early days existed only on paper. It was created with the dream that Fantasy Driver will be the umbrella of desktop software, mobile applications, and interactive entertainment for consoles, PC’s, and MACs, and hopefully become known for immersive software and innovative design with simple solutions.

    In 2012, wheels begin to turn as development started on Fantasy Driver’s first commercial application, Oops! File Manager. Nearing the completion of this product, another idea turned into a new application, Sous Chef for Android. With both products nearing completion, it was time to construct a dedicated website and customer service.

    The future looks bright as we are focused and paced to start work on potential endeavors, including a step into the video game industry.

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    Oops! File Manager

    5,000+ Downloads
    Oops! File Manager is a very light weight application for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, designed to help with the possibility of losing, overwriting or even permanently deleting important files.
    DRM-Free 100% CLEAN Softpedia award

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    Technical Services

    Personal + Business
    We specialize in lightweight, simple enterprise solutions. Whether it is automation, development consultation, internal software development or information systems management, our staff of engineers brings a total of 25 years of software development experience with Fortune 500 companies in competitive markets such as government contracting and automotive. We know what it takes to bring a great product to reality.
    Registered Microsoft Partner

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    uTorrent Helper

    Open Source Project
    A small Windows utility originally, SmartFileMover, however now uTorrent Helper. Working in conjunction with Plex Media Server, the utility is used to automatically move files from the "downloaded" folder (that is setup in uTorrent) to the respective folders that are libraries on your Plex Server, automatically determining if it is a movie, TV show, video, etc.
    (official installer coming soon)
    Coming Soon to the Android Store
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