Encryption in Oops! File Manager Professional

Oops! File Manager 1.3 is out and the biggest improvement is encryption. This article will explain how it works and how you can take advantage of it.

The New Feature

Previous versions of OFM hashes then copies the file you are monitoring whenever the original hash of that file changes. When OFM copies a file it copies it at the bit level and just makes an exact duplicate.

With encryption enabled, if a change occurred or if you’re initially backing up a file, then when OFM copies the file it is encrypted at the bit level then placed in the backup directory. To make sure that you can tell which files are encrypted we added “.aes” to the file name.

The encryption used is AES 256-bit with 128-bit and 256-bit keys for maximum protection. This new encryption feature in 1.3 is not on by default. You will have to set a Master Password under the “Tools” menu.

Once you set a master password, that password will be used to encrypt your files. The password itself is encrypted using the same level of encryption. Once you set a password you can undo the password and decrypt all files. You would have to “Restore” all the encrypted files to recover them. You can change your password too; however, files encrypted with an old password will be locked until you backup these files again. Running another backup uses the new password, thus enabling the file to be restored if needed.

So what isn’t encrypted?

The database and majority of the files in the installed directory is not encrypted. The database does contain information that is encrypted (i.e. master password). However most of the database isn’t encrypted.

Will more encryption be added and will it be available for free?

We plan to add more encryption to the database and force passwords for file restoring and other features in the future. Once these features are in the Professional Edition the Free Edition will receive encryption. Our overall goal is to protect backup files and make a portable USB version.

What else is in the works?

You may see other features like Google Drive and Dropbox integration, Live Monitoring, and advance notifications by email coming in the near future.

As always thanks for reading and using Oops! File Manager!!!

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