Watch Dogs 2 | Everything Is Rooted

Smoother and more fluid than its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 ups the ante improves the story and gives us a better protagonist to rally behind.



A subtle but no too demanding initiation starts your journey. The menu and controls seem too condensed as if it would be better playing with a keyboard. With so many approaches to how to handle a situation it sometimes feels like you don’t have enough buttons on the PS4 to make things just a tad bit simple.
The cover system is not bad but not good either. It makes since to me to take from The Division or Farcry to enhance the cover system, either way it’s not terrible. At times you may find yourself floating over objects and edges, it could be a source of entertainment until your being fired at and it quickly transforms into frustration.

The driving physics are poor. It seems every car has super-soft tires making overly normal turns look like it’s on a slot car race track. I do enjoy the near realistic crash and damage, too many rear-ends and your car will not be speeding anytime soon. Vehicle controls are bit cumbersome with the whole touch to control the media or using L1 as you drive. Luckily in a chase against the 1-time quick L1 hacks still prove to work smoothly, I hope that you don’t have to take your eyes off to hold down L1 to see a mini-menu for more select options, figure out which one and then pass the object you was going to hack right before selecting it; that would make me mad.

Sneaking and using the toys at your disposal are very fun and enjoyable, while full on combat could be improved; however this isn’t terrible but does take some getting used to. Like the cover system, the combat should have picked up some tips from other games. It seems like they just tried to improve over the initial installment.

Hacking is at its best and give a very open-ended-like play through as you can choose and/or combine different approaches to getting the job done. Growing the hacking abilities also proves to be something to strive for and can easily be done by completing side missions and discovering research points. When it comes to figuring out what to do next choosing a mission, finding a clothing store on the map, car retrieval, scouting and other tasks all come from your phone; mirroring how we basically are today. I find it a bit of a play on our reality and it was well implemented into this game.



While many would say that the first Watch Dogs came very short of their E3 demo; Watch Dogs 2 is a slight improvement. Not amazing but defiantly better than Watch Dogs. Not that many pop-in textures and very little faults here and there. There are still a lot of clipping, collision errors and flicker. Lighting is decent and character detail is ok as well.



Effects and speech are improvements from the first installment. Acting is pretty good and the sync could be better from other NPCs but for the main story ones the sound sync is great. Sound effects are crisp and music blends are nice and not too loud definitely a plus if you have a very good sound system. Ambient sound is randomized and does bring more detail into the game, almost as well as GTA.



Right out the gate, not including the online experience (which they didn’t have ready at day 1) not including a PS4 Pro play through, Watch Dogs 2 deserves a solid B. If you are a Final Fantasy fan, wait until that drops before picking up Watch Dogs 2. If you just got Dishonored 2 then you can wait for a bit before checking this out. If you haven’t bought a game since CoD or BF1 then this can be your next purchase. If you didn’t like the first Watch Dogs then don’t buy this one, I would heavily suggest renting or borrowing it first. For this to be the second came it almost plays as if this is the 3rd or 4th game, I had to remind myself that this is only the second title.

I’m impressed with this year, not too many flops and a few surprises here and there. With that said, I very much hope that FF15 will knock it out the park.