Inside is out there

The latest game, Inside, from the creators of Limbo is an indie game that leaves you with an array of questions, however is still really entertaining. Available for PC and XB1.

IGN gave it a “10/10”, rare, but I wonder if it truly lives up to that.

Much like Limbo the gameplay is a side scrolling platform with shifting views from time to time with puzzles throughout. You’ll find yourself looking at the red shirted boy for queues on whats going on or what is going to happen. If your playing on the PC you might want to change the Grab button to the other side of the keyboard.

Very nice, on the PC it sheds brilliant blend of contrast and color. A meticulous take on detail without making it look realistic. If you don’t know this already, I love game music and the lack there of was saddening at first but then it gave me a better concentration to solve the puzzles; when it does show itself, its is nice.

This game will have you guessing and the end may make you mad or like me, make you want to know more about this world and why something are what they are in the game. It’s almost too short and for $20 on Steam I hope there is going to be a part 2 at least.

Is it a perfect game? No. When I think of the other games which were indie and that I gave an solid A to (or A-), like Child of Light, Inside can hold its own but still not A quality, I think its mostly a B+ at best. Is it worth $20? Kind of, I would feel better if it was $15, I say catch it on sale and give it a go.