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The Enterprise Metrics package includes consultation. We walk you through and help you understand your own business needs in the view of data elements and reports. We offer the same level of quality as international businesses, with reports and BI showing only what you want to see versus "data-fillers" that are just defaults for most BI metrics.

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In-House Consultation

Take advantage of consultation from our leadership team to put together an action plan and development cycle. We will sit down with developers to create a holistic environment and good starting foundation.

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Information Systems

Our Information System Services offer to consult on or actively implement an Information System that will provide you with the ability to encompass all areas of data collection and create a business intelligence solution that fits your needs.

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Website creation, Hardware/Network solutions, Web Applications, Training, Data Mining, and more; Fantasy Driver Software offers a wide range of services for individuals and small businesses.

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Let's Change The Way You Make Decisions.

The understanding of Decision Support Systems is what fuels our Enterprise Metrics. We want to give you the advantage when it comes to business decision making. Our metrics focus on factors that drive your business. We put data in perspective to give other areas, like CRM, a way to seem less intimidating and more meaningful.

We make ERP light enough and feasible even for a small business. We can aid the way you plan for future endeavors, scaling for resources, manpower and infrastructure.

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Great Software Starts With A Great Foundation.

Our consultation services for in-house application development will enable you to focus on more program management and less on tedious development plans. We approach all in-house development projects by keying in on what your REAL requirements are and transposing them into tangible, measureable development tasks.

Before any work is done, we interview and analyze development staff to strategize and create a plan of action. We also include ways your organization or development team can keep track of iterations, changes, and enhancements without having to micro-manage the project.

Getting a good sense of what you are trying to accomplish is our priority. Helping you achieve your vision and mission is our goal.

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Under Focused? Pay Attention To What Most Ignore.

Information Systems can be a bit overwhelming when you visualize; therefore, our goal is to bring your information to one point--one repository--one collection. We guide you through the process of understanding what you have, letting Enterprise Metrics drive what you see and BI drive what you should do.

Trying to incorporate other areas into Information Systems just makes it harder to work with and understand. We simplify it allowing Information Systems to provide an easier way to include all aspects of your organization.

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We practice and adhere, to the best of our ability, the following methodologies:

CMMi (Capability Maturity Model Integration)

ISO/IEC 27001 (Information security management systems)

Agile Development

ITIL/ITSM (Information Technology Infrastructure Library / IT Service Management)

Uncertified DIACAP (Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process)

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Services Offered

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Estimated Rates

Please call or email us for the best accurate estimates

Simplified Hosting

Simplified Hosting is for individuals and businesses that wish to setup a website however plan to design and build on your own. Only $50/per year if you wish to opt out of hosting support. Includes 10GB of web storage.

Data Storage 200GB

We supply a unlisted, unregistered data store (separate from website) enforced with SSL using ProjectSend. At this time the only plan is 200GB.


A small home grown team of Senior Software Engineers dedicated to creating manageable, easily debugged code, that works. You are never charged if subsequent work is declared a "fix".

Non-Coding Activities

Non-coding includes, but not limited to: installation, prep-work, configuration, proof-of-concept builds, testing, and upgrading (hardware).

Full Hosting & Sustainment

Having us (FDS) hosting your project, service or website is the best choice if you need to free up overhead for other areas. This comes with upgrades and SSL. This also includes metrics on your data/website. Support for coding, bug related issues and designs. Also includes 10 hours/per month of coding costs for enhancements.

Onsite Support/Consultation

Support can be escalated to have one of our engineers do an in person visit to document diagnose, identify, isolate and implement a solution to your immediate need or concern. Coding is free up to 2 hour of onsite support, $50 per hour after that. Consultation is also per visit and also covers up to 2 hours. Consultation is $35 per hour after that. Consultation is free when discussing plan-of-action, proposal and statement of work items.

We'll work with any size budget!

Programming at Different Levels of Complexity


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Website Development

So how does a Technology Firm, like Fantasy Driver Software, stack up?

Most firms do produce website quick as well but offer very little control and personalization.

Majority of firms don’t focus on accessibility, leaving you to find a service provider that can. This means more overhead for something that should be included.

If your website needs to function more like a web application, most firms won’t touch it. Our expertise is in web applications. You can add services like Log In Based User Tracking/services, Ordering systems, Employee management, Organizational Reporting and more.

More websites are being developed with mobility in mind. Almost everything needs to be mobile friendly however a website needs to be compatible as well. We focus on both which is something that only high-end firms offer.

Being a technology firm means knowing what types of software is vulnerable and how to mitigate risk when exposing applications for public use. From design to conception security is woven into the web site/application to give peace of mind to your users and yourself.

A good website company builds a CMS once and cookie cuts the technology peddling it out to their clients, locking the clients in to what they can do within the CMS. A better company creates a CMS for your needs how you want it and what you want to use it for. If CMS is needed, Fantasy Driver Software is there is insure a custom fit every time. "What is practical for the spider, is chaos for the fly..." so don't settle for what they call 'practical'.

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