Uncharted, for the last time?

Right off the back U4 is a very well put together game that starts off similarly as U3. In fact Naughty Dog has been pulling out the same mechanics and technique since the beginning. Well if it isn’t broke… however, can a game solely survive on the story and suspense alone?

So I didn’t read any reviews and no articles about U4 at all, I wanted to surprise myself and was really shocked to learn that Co-Op won’t be available until around August timeframe. Kind of a bummer.

Let’s start it off with something that hasn’t changed. The game play mechanics is still the same with no improvements, well to be fair, it doesn’t suck either but by now I would expect something things to be just a bit different or better.

Gun fights have that similar feel as well but still packs that suspense and chaos of previous titles. Finishers are smoother and there are more improvements making it more swift and flowing. I find headshot to be a little bit more of a challenge but changing some settings fixed most of that.

Cover system improved slightly by using the environment more, however, getting away from alerted enemies is slightly more difficult that it should be.

Obstacle interactions between Nathan and Sam are seamless and looks like you’re watching a cut scene. Driving is typical but still an improvement over U3.

What can a say it’s a Amy Hennig sorry, Naughty Dog story. Any who, topnotch amazing and gripping like a large budget movie. It doesn’t get any better that and they have proven once again that a story, when told correctly with great direction can carry a series on its own.

Wonderful. Even though it would probably never be on PC, U4 should be just to experience it at 60fps with even more tessellation and lighting effects. If you seek game solely based on graphics Uncharted 4 will be impressive. A true testament to game design. Somethings, I could tell right off, were added profusely to show “look what we can do” and while that is cool it’s also kind of forces certain dialog or “look here” spots that, later on, get slightly annoying.

Overall the graphics are very good and actually more than what I expected and if you thought that the e3 graphics was going to make it into the final game, please don’t expect things like that.

Why don’t people talk about sound in games? Music and sound effects matter… lol. Seriously if you do not have a surround sound system then you lose a lot of value from this game. The sound and music is very good. The DTS and Dynamic Range is really good. I also enjoy the extra setting added in to tweak the delay, spatial profile and channeling. To those who system is above 500w will be greatly rewarded with theater quality brilliance.

While upsetting that co-op isn’t ready, still the multiplayer is there with only a few modes for now and, I guess, because of the delay in making the game, most if not all of the content in the future DLC’s will be earn-able but free. So… this is where the 60fps ended up. I knew the game was held back to 30 but they did promise that it would develop some aspects to 60 and they did it in multiplayer. Clean and very smooth, I love it. Maps are ok to start with and the powerups kind of even the playing field a bit. I would need more time to say if it’s just as good as U3 and probably need to wait on more content too.

The Uncharted series is a good series and each one has its best moments. Each one became a hit and each one kind of stands on its own and can be played without knowing who is who.

With that said Uncharted 4 is the best one in the series and not because of gameplay, graphics or mechanics but because of the story, the way it’s portrayed, driven and conversed. It one of the few series/games that define “Adventure”; however, no solid “A” grade, even though I would love to give it that.

I must give it an A-.

Nearly perfect.

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  1. John - November 2, 2016 at 9:09 pm Reply

    Excellent read, thank you.

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    Thank you, nice read.

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