Mafia 3 – A Scorsese Game…

I don’t know if the man himself would have liked Mafia 3 but I bet he would have been impressed.

Overall Mafia 3 is good. The acting is superb, the story is adequate and the gameplay keeps you going. Even the collectibles are worth collecting, especially if you like cars and nipples. The biggest downside to Mafia 3 (that you can almost ignore) is the graphics…

I had to check my ps4 to make sure it actually said ps4 on it. On PC there is no question about the quality; it’s much better. I don’t know about xbox, mainly because I don’t have one. However, it’s ignorable to a certain extent.

The game’s best quality is the acting. While it’s no Last of Us, it still brings amazing and convincing acting to the game and sucks you in to the story quickly and this goes for all acting not just the main characters. The well written plot almost seems too simple, but it is effective.

The gamplay isn’t bad but it does keep you going. Most of the side missions are nearly the same between your underbosses. After you take over your second district you should have a pattern established and quickly realize it’s going to be like this for the rest of the game. Amazingly it doesn’t get boring, at least for right now. I’m currently working on my 5th district and I haven’t put down the game since Friday. So with that I think it accomplished it task. I hope the end lives up to the story so far.

The soundtrack is very good. It’s the 60s and the best of the 60s is playing which is good for the younger crowd that doesn’t even know what a LP is or what a record player looks like.

Which leads me to the setting; it not only portrays the 60s in its true light but also is perfect for this storyline. Try to systematically destroy a crime organization now, it just wouldn’t fit and you would probably have to add so much more to the story for it to make sense.

When comparing Mafia 3 with its predecessors and other games within its genre, I can say this installment stands out, a lot. If you can get it, grab it. Mafia 3 gets a solid B+ in my book.


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